Changes in CORI v4.2.2.8

(Being released May 22nd, 2014)

Adult Content Changes

  • Add Dilation finding to EGD
  • Update Preprocedure Antibiotic indications list

Pediatric Content Changes

  • Modify procedure duration in Colonoscopy pediatrics
  • Modify EGD pediatrics:
    • Separate malabsorption from celiac sprue
    • Change celiac sprue to "Celiac disease/abnormal celiac serology"
    • Add suspected/established radioarrays to eosinophilic esophagitis, eosinophilic gastroenteritic, IBD, Celiac disease/abnormal celiac serology
  • ALL pediatric modules > Surgical history > GI, Upper: Add TE Fistula, Ladd's Procedure teFistula, ladds
  • Colonoscopy and EGD pediatric modules > Ileoscopy: add ileoscopy documentation screens (a.k.a. Small Bowel Findings)
  • EGD pediatrics - Combine panels "Evaluation of suspected diagnosis" and "Evaluation of established diagnosis" into "Evaluation of suspected or established diagnosis"
  • EUS pediatrics > Procedure: Modify procedure duration.
  • Colonoscopy pediatrics > Procedure: Add "severe colitis" as reason for not completing a procedure incompColitis, add to FLXp too. Not added to Adult modules.
  • ALL pediatric modules > Medical history
    • Remove endometrial and ovarian cancer
    • Rename to "Neuro/Musculoskeletal/Psychiatric"
    • Add ADHD, depression, anxiety disorder adhd, depression, anxiety
    • Combine TIA and Stroke Relabel stroke, if procedure had either check stroke new label = Stroke / TIA
    • Colonoscopy pediatrics > Findings: Add cecal landmarks as revised for adult modules
    • All pediatric modules: Change report headers from "Indications" to "Indications/Preprocedure Diagnosis"
    • ERCP pediatrics > Procedure: Modify procedure duration.
    • EGD pediatrics > Procedure: change order of display moving "Were biopsy(s) taken?" above "Was fluoroscopy used?" Change in EUSp.

New Features

  • Put related ICD9 diagnoses at the top of the diagnoses list
  • Allow for dynamic header and footer fields in patient discharge instructions

Issues addressed

  • Unable to save single quote in Schedule day notes or appointment notes
  • Able to bypass patient race on signed
  • Date on Schedule Page does not update when you change date selected
  • Unable to search for orders when there is a single quote in patient's last name
  • Disable Save button in procedure module when user doesn't have permissions
  • Incorrect warning of unsaved data when closing a procedure